Friday, June 5, 2015

5 Favourites: Characters that should have a movie.

The original 5 Favourite was Comic Book heroes, but I have adjusted it to me as just heroes. This is because a lot of my favourite Comic Book Heroes already have a TV or Film version. So I thought I would include some of my favourite book characters as well. (Image Source: UNH)

1) Anita Blake.

As you can tell is you have read my blog with any regularity Anita Blake is my hero. She has everything I love... a strong character, a good use of weapons, the understand and training to use said weapons properly, a competitive nature and a "one of the boys" quality without losing her femininity. Over the years there have been many rumors of Laurell K Hamilton in talks to do Movies or TV series of Anita but I think they fall through due to creative differences. Which to me means that they other company wants to change something that Laurell is unwilling to budge on. I think this is great. As much as I'd love to see a live action I don't really know who could play the character (you would probably need a fresh actress to grow into the roll), heck I don't think we can get the feel and look of all the characters right. (There are no glowing vampires here) After reading the books series for over 20 years with multiple times of re-reading books I think this would be an amazing and dark film series. You would need the right staff involved to make it dark without emphasizing the gore that can be prevalent in the book. It's hard to translate the narrated book, which allows for a reader to step back or be immersed into the story as much as the author wants, into a 3rd person viewed film series.

2) The Rowan

Another book series that is AMAZING and I think would make an amazing movie. With the abilities of film now a day we could totally make a good interstellar film that explains the abilities of the Talents and everything. I love the book. I love the character and this one could be done well with some of the amazing Sci-Fi Directors now!

3) Discworld

Okay, I know the theme was Heroes but I don't care. I need a modern, Lord of the Rings size budget, to actually make some of my favourite Discworld novels. Reaperman's my favourite but the Wee Free Men would probably be just as amazing in film, give you a quick intro to some main characters but still pertain well to a younger audience. 

4) Rogue and Gambit

I am a huge X-Men fan. I like the current movie franchise but I find they are lacking in certain characters I loved from the comic books. Rogue and Gambit were two of my favourite characters and neither have been represented properly for a X-Men geek like me. I need the sassy Cajun and the even sassier Southern Belle, not the semi-depressed Rogue and the I don't know what Gambit was in Wolverine. I am holding out hope that Channing Tatum can pull it off... but I'm a little nervous about it.

5) Fitz (from the Robin Hobb Series)

Fitz is a young assassin apprentice who is the bastard son of the prince. He is raised in the castle and trained to be the Royal Assassin. It's a great series with magic and castles and such. I love the characters, mostly the Fool, and think it would be really interesting to see how someone would pull all the elements of the story and the world into movies.

Well those are my tops. Mostly books but fun either way.

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