Monday, June 15, 2015

Rhianna Pratchett Announcement

 Some days you have a "Hats off to you" moment and today's moment is to Rhianna Pratchett, daughter of the acclaimed Terry Pratchett! (image: mkweb)
Found today on the Mary Sue, they posted awesome news that Rhianna Pratchett stated on twitter (it appears the original twitter post was on the 5th) that she will not take on the reigns of Discworld, nor will she let anyone else write any further novels:
And all I have to say it that's AWESOME! I know that there are always a few out there that can't wait for more so they are willing to let another author take over the reigns and continue writing a series. I hate that! I hate, especially in a series that was from one specific author's head, when another author writes for it. It changes the world. It removes it from being the entity that it started out as and becomes the new author's world. I don't need it. I feel new author's are free to explore their own worlds that resemble the original or have influences from the original, but don't ever continue the original.

I know we would all love more Discworld novels. But what we want (and Rhianna said it perfectly in a response to the twitter feed) is more books by Sir Terry Pratchett. We don't want another person's vision, world or writing style. We want him. AND we can't have him.

So why make the loss worst and destroy something so precious. A gift that was given to us for so short a period of time. Instead lets cherish it and allow ourselves to revel in what was.

She has stated (within the same feed) that she may be interested in exploring the books in film, TV or radio format. But in doing so she is not changing the original vision. Instead she is honouring it in a new format and getting it out to a new audience.

So to you Rhianna Pratchett, my hat is off and I thank you for having the foresight to understand the pressures of fandom from others yet remain resilient on this decision.

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