Monday, June 8, 2015

Rapunzel TV Show

I am very very excited to share the announcement that Rapunzel (Tangled) will be getting her own Television program. Yup, we'll get to be able to watch all the fun between Eugene, Pascal, Maximus and Rapunzel as of 2017. (image source: DisneyPinForum)

I know that you're thinking.... But 2017 is Soooooooooooo far away!!!

Well, I really think it'll be worth the wait. Not only will the setting be placed in a time period between the original film Tangled and the short film of their wedding day, but they have retained most (if not all) of the original voice cast. So no secondary voice actors that aren't quite right for this franchise. We get the original Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) and her snippy attitude to the sassy Eugene aka Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi). This makes me so so so so so so happy (can you tell I'm happy??)

Rapunzel/Tangled is a favourite in my house. We have watched it to the point of nauseam  and can recite most lines and songs perfectly. Both my girls have dressed as Rapunzel for Halloween (at the same time even) and have their fair share of Rapunzel related toys. What I'm so thrilled about with this tv show???

Rapunzel is a short dark haired girl.

I know that sounds funny but my kids have light brown hair in bobs. Most Disney princesses (or all) have long hair. Other than Mulan (which is under-appreciated) I can't think of another Disney "Princess" woman with shorter hair. I'm sure some of this reasoning is that all the Princess movies (I know the Incredibles has shorter hair for the mom but they aren't supported like the princesses) are supposed to be related to different time periods. But I don't care.

I don't care that the time period had longer hair. My kids don't. I am so tired of the argument to grow their hair out. It just turns into an insane mess... (you try brushing and styling a 2 and 4 year olds hair before work, yup not happening!) so I keep them short. They love it. It's cool in summer and easy to maintain. My hair is shorter so that helps, when I cut mine they cut theirs.

But I digress.

I am very excited for the possibilites of the new tv show. I hope you are too.

Until next time.
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Source: Disney Insider