Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Toy Tuesday (or maybe we should call it Funk Funday!)

OMG today/ this weekend, have a been the weekend of releases for some fun Funko Pop figures that I am totally wanting to buy. (Source: Funko)

As a collector of Pop (I am fairly new being I have only 4 in my collection atm, but give me time) I love all the collections they have. I am a big fan of the different characters and geeky genre's they managed to get rights for. And as you know I think they are adorably cute.

Well, now I can add an adorable Peggy Carter to my awesome Funko Collectables list of WANTS. I so want her. From her little red hat to high heels she's just perfection in a mini package. I love the colour's they used to get the bold blue on red from the TV series, also she has the sassy pose down perfectly. You can get your own version of the Peggy Funko as of August.

Source: Hot Topic

Hot Topic exclusive Dr. Who Funkos have been released, and they are ADORABLE. I love the 10th Doctor's little 3D Glasses. All the Hot Topic Dr's are cute as a button and for sale now. So go get yours for your collection.

Source: Funko
Finally, Funk has released some of their exclusive's for San Diego Comic Con and now I'm totally pouting that I'm not going. I love love love the Sadness. I am highly anticipating good things from the new Disney movie "Inside Out" and this fun version of Sadness just makes me antsy to see the movie that much more. Included in the exclusives are a Gold Bender from Futurama, The 12th Doctor, and an X-Force Deadpool Chimichanga Truck (all grey like). You can see the whole like on their blog: Funko.

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