Friday, June 26, 2015

Fandom Five: Geeky Pleasures

For our Fandom Friday that I sporatically do, today's topic. Fandom Guily Pleasures. Well, I'm adjusting it to my Geeky Pleasures. Things I do to honour my fandom and remind myself that it's okay to be a 33 year old Geeky Female who works in a professional office and has 2 geeky princesses.

1) Watching Kids Show.

I hate to admit it but I love kids shows and movies. I am just as excited to hangout with my girls and watch a new Tinkerbell movie, or the latest Disney... or tv shows like Peg + Cat and Zach and Quack, as I am to do "adult" things. I love exploring the imagination of the creators and the excitement my kids have. I also just love cartoons. I owned the whole Avatar series on DVD before I had kids. I was that weirdo adult that would go with other weirdo adults (and no kids) to watch the latest Disney movie. I had Ever After High and Monster High Dolls before I ever watched them with my kids. Kids shows rock and I love them.

2) Toys are not just for kids.

As mentioned in the previous statement I have an avid doll collection. From Pullip dolls to Pop figures, I have always collected toys. I don't leave them in the box, I don't collect them for resale value and blah di blah blah. I actually collect them because they make me happy. I love cleaning my shelves and reorganizing how they are standing, what's beside them and even what they are wearing sometimes. When I go by my Funko Pop figures I actually pick them up to wriggle the bobble heads (it's quite therapeutic when you are frustrated) or to adjust who they are standing beside. You need something silly and fun in your life. For no reason other that to have it.

3) Marvel Movies Rock... even when they suck.

I own Marvel movies! All marvel movies. If I don't have the Marvel movie and see one somewhere on sale I will buy it, even if it's terrible. I know some of the versions of the movies are SO not to cannon, have the worst casting possible or are just plan lame. But I own them. I love them. I will watch them over and over again. Why? Because Comic books and Superheroes are cool! That's it! I like them. I don't care that someone else hates them because so and so didn't do something right. I still like them. I may grumble about them but I like them. So here's to the "that was so horrible I loved it" movies.

4) Geeky Websites

I love reading geeking Websites. I can spend hours and hours and hours on the internet reading about cool things that are coming out or just neat stuff. From this I can hold my own in Geeky talks with most anyone. Everything is just fun and exciting when it involvs geeky stuff. Geeky clothing. Geeky Books... Heck Geeky Geeks LOL.

5) Sneaking Geek into the work place.

Sometimes you need a hobby, sometimes you need a plan, and sometimes you need to be a sneaky ninja to get through your day. I love being a sneaky ninja. I love getting my oh so not geeky work mates interested in stuff that they wouldn't have been originally. I love sneaking in geeky things into my office (and sometimes other people's offices lol) without anyone realizing. There's something satisfying and inner ninja like in managing to pull off the geek sneak (yes I made that up). Of course when others discover it they ususally know where it came from (it's hard when you are the only Geeky Ninja) but that's fine with me.

What are your geeky pleasures. What makes you geeky hard sing (or giggle in my case).

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.