Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday Threads!

I have been obsessed... I repeat OBSESSED... with Geeky clothes and accessories lately.

I started this blog to talk about all the cool geeky things I see around and want to be a part of! I am loving how much stuff I can find that is either Geeky/ Nerdy or just plain Cool! This hasn't been so nice on my pocketbook but I've managed to refrain from buying most anything (Yay me... pout) but I can't help but WANT IT ALL!!!! One of these days I should find a way to win a bunch of money so I can buy all these fun geeky stuff and do reviews for them! But until then here's some fun stuff. (the above gif is from HERE)

I was looking around the internet for some stuff today and found a post on ChipChick with awesome Superhero Heels. The above Spider-man shoes make me so happy. I have made  my own superhero shoes with modge podge and then varnish but I really like that the above ones appear to be fabric. From the designer's Etsy account (KalElle) she states that the heels are covered with licensed fabric and then sprayed with a waterproof sealant for the rain. They would look amazing with a pencil skirt or even some jeans. I like them so much I thought I should add a second pair for your drooling pleasure.

KalElle's shop also has clutches, flats and bow ties. Yup geeky inspired bow ties! You should totally go check out her stuff!

So with my new obsession, as obsessions go, I have been being bad and spending time on Etsy a lot. I went through a phase where I broke up with Etsy (yes I break up with inanimate things every now and then) and Etsy and me had to have a parting of ways. I love all the cool creative things on Etsy but it totally SUCKS MY LIFE away so I get nothing done. Instead I become a drone looking for fun things that I can't buy but would love to afford. I create full outfits and decorate whole houses in my head spending hours on that site. So every now and then (Pintrest is not much better) I need to take a break and force myself to stop looking for the fun stuff so I can actually be present in my current life.

Well from my latest foray onto Etsy (bad Angie, Bad) I found some cute geek skirts. They rock because at the moment I've been looking for geeky things that can still be professional. I really want to be able to wear some of my geeky wardrobe to work but I'm starting a new job in a few weeks at an office again so there are slightly stricter dress codes.

The above skirt is by Rooby Lane. They have a nice selection of skirts and other geeky products from Pillows to Scarfs to accessories. I love things that look well made and I have to say there's a nice quaintness to the products in this shop. They even have a full section of "Prom Dresses".

Above is Rooby Lane's Alice in Wonderland prom dress. I think it's so pretty! I would totally have worn this to a prom.... or a dance... or for breakfast... or whenever! It's just awesome.

To aid in my current obsession I have been a fan of Fashionably Geek for years. It's a nice concise collection of cool geeky fashion things. They talk about cosplay and clothes, accessories and sometimes things that any geek lover would want to know about. Today I found a collection of clothes by WeLoveFine added to their site.

I'm so happy that they A) made clothes that resemble the Avengers... because AWESOME, and B) am amazingly excited that they used a variety of model sizes to show off their gear. I am not a large woman, but I have friends who are, and I am also not a model body type. I love love love it when a company shows off their awesome stuff with a whole bunch of awesome people. At some point when I manage to start sewing my designs for real I will probably recruit some of my amazing friends to be the guinea pigs and wear my stuff. That will mean a LARGE variety of body types and personalities to photograph. It's so exciting... but so far away. For now I'll just dream while looking at all the cool stuff others are making.

Well, I hope you love the stuff as much as I do.
Until Next Time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.