Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Oh to be a kid again...

I miss Saturday morning cartoons. I'm feeling a little nostalgic about being a kid in the 80's and 90's. There was something generally awesome about Saturday morning cartoons. During the week my parents used to have to fight to get me and my little brother out of bed for school or day to day activities... but not Saturday morning.

Saturday mornings was like Christmas every week! It was filled with anticipation about what would happen on our favourite shows. Waiting to see what fun new programs would start on Saturday mornings as of September was a HUGE deal! I remember watching full TV shows in August with trailers ABOUT the shows that were expected to be coming out on Saturday mornings. New school year meant new shows.

Shows like the Legend of Zelda

Or even Earth Worm Jim:

They were all staples in my house. Saturday mornings just don't have the same feel as I've gotten older. TV channels put out more new shows during the week instead, and just play re-runs on Saturday mornings. Popular shows get played over and over again on multiple channels, instead of being limited to specific days and time slots.

I was one of the few people that loved Freakazoid! (I think it had something to do with the running around going "WOOOSHH" for his flying that did me in.) I remember being excited for the next episodes to come out. Going to school on Monday and talking THE WHOLE DAY about all the awesomeness that we watched on Saturday Morning.

Well, I hope that one day my kids may appreciate the nostalgia of Saturday morning cartoons and how awesome they were. The one thing I find lately when I have re-watched some of my favourites is just how BAD or cheesy they are. I love it! I can't get over it, but there's something insanely awesome about cheesy '80's and '90's cartoon.

So go on and watch G.I.Joe, He-man, or Rocket Robin Hood and remember the excitement you had when they first came out, before the era of Netflix and PVR. The time when if you wanted to watch the newest episode of something you had to make sure you were up at the crack of dawn or else you'd miss out until it started playing in re-runs.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.