Monday, April 20, 2015

Rainy Day Reading.

Today it rains, a good start to a new week. There's something nice about the rain... and the ability to just curl up in your house (if you aren't like me and at work) and enjoy some of your favourite books.
In honour of the rain I thought we should have a collection of some of my favourite rainy day reads. They are the books that I like to curl up with and I can get so absorbed the rest of the world goes away. (the above pic was from HERE)

One of my favourite book series for YEARS is Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake series. I know it's not necessarily an easy read but it's lots of fun. I have been reading Anita since I was in Grade 7, mind you I have aged while she was writing her book and a lot of them are WAY too adult for anyone under 16 to 18 lol... even then. If you like some Zombies, Vampires, Murder mysteries and a collection of Beautiful men and women then this one's for you. Anita starts as a fairly strong headed but young Animator. An animator is someone that raises the dead for a living (now wouldn't that be a neat job), she gets paid, often through the courts, to raise the dead and get testimony and such. As the series progresses she gets more and more involved with the Vampire community and those in the other Supernatural communities. I love Anita. I love that she works with the police as a Preternatural Expert. I love that she's a petite hard ass woman that collects Penguins. This series is one of my staple series. I actually re-read 2 to 4 books before the newest every time a new one comes out. I admit that I am a BAD fan lately, with kids and life in the way I have Failed to read the newest book "Affliction" as well as her newest Merry Gentry (Also a great series! Fairies instead of Supernatural, but also a detective spin on the whole thing).
from here
Another staple that I tend to pickup when it's cold and wet and I just want something fun to read is anything from Terry Pratchett's Collection. My absolute favourite are the series related to Death. There's just something interesting with a character that has a skewed perspective on life and death and everything in between. My favourite book of the series is the Reaper man. In this book Death goes missing (because he's decided to take a Holiday) so the whole world goes kinda sideways. What would happen in an off kilter world where there is no one helping people cross the desert to their next stage of Non-life, well the answer is a lot. If you haven't read any of the Pratchett's I highly highly recommend them. You do not need to read them in any order but there are recurring things that come up from previous books, most books are fairly stand alone. Other than death there are a few other series based on main characters within the series.... We have the Night watch, the witches, the wizards and some stand alone characters too.
from HERE
Well I'm sure there are a TON of other books. Right at the moment my current reads are Divergent by Veronica Roth and Sabriel by Garth Nix. Both books were recommended to my by Penpals and Iggles. I have had very little time to read lately so I'm hoping to have them Started fairly soon. Once I do I'll let you know my progress.

I would love to hear what rainy day readings you have been doing!

Until Next Time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.