Friday, April 17, 2015

Funko Friday!!

It's Funko Friday... why cause I thought it'd be fun... so get your Funko ON!

There's been some cool and awesome geeky news and releases this week. New Star Wars trailer was released yesterday, (if you have been living under a rock and want to see it go HERE), Daredevil has just been released on Netflix (and I'm planning to watch some this weekend), also there's always the joys of comics and just general fandom. So instead of talking about that I decided to talk about the cool new things coming from FUNKO/POP. Why?? Because I think they are fun and adorable and everyone needs to have some of these in her house. 

When I was a kid there was a big fascination with Bobble heads for a while. I've seen my fair share of sports bobble heads, KISS bobble heads and other kinds. I've even seen people purchase specially made wedding bobble heads (they are always a little strange looking), but I've found nothing as cute and fun as the Funko. 

As a beginner Funko collector I have to admit, I'm not a good "collector". I'm selective on what items I want to populate my limited wall and shelf space and I like to take the items out of their boxes. I have never really understood the collectors that keep everything in it's box. I understand that they are worth more that way but I like to see the product, not the packaging. There's something nice being able to look up at your selves and have a display of Funko and collectibles that's set up. 

Funko has recently released (or is releasing as of July) a line of toys called Marvel Mopeez. Their explanation of these adorable toys is quite awesome: "Even your favorite superheroes have bad days! These four and a half-inch plush figures are weighted on the bottom to retain a slouchy posture and adorable frustration. Hulk sad! Coming in July!".  Below I have included the adorably slouchy Rocket Raccoon. They have a just as adorable Hulk and Iron Man, you can check them our here!

I like that they are geared to 3+ as well. This means that I can get them for my older Geek Girl in Training and soon for the youngest. I look at the other POP toys for them but they just aren't that playable for littler ones, but plushies are a staple in my household, and I think they are absolutely adorable. I look forward to seeing more of the Mopeez, I think I need a Mopeez Wolverine... because who doesn't??!

There have been a few other cute Funko that have been released over the past month or will be getting a release date soon. One of my favourites so far is Ray Gun Stewie.
I have a selective Family Guy fan. I don't like most of the shows but I do like the ones that focus on Stewie and Bryan. This Funko (as shown above) is adorable with his little helmet and Ray gun. There aren't many cartoons of this genre that I would think of getting a Funko for my shelves (aside from maybe Phineas and Ferb), but I do really like Stewie. I have a strong belief that Family Guy would not have been as good if Stewie wasn't in it. 

As another cool Funko/Marvel thing, I really really really want to get the new Marvel Collector Corp Subscription. It just looks SO COOL. I have looked at a few of the subscription boxes over the years but haven't seemed to ever have the extra cash to get them. Also, I find that there are a so many different kinds with Nerdblock, Wil Wheaton Quarterly, Loot Crate, and a bunch of others that I can't get into naming them all. Some of them seem SO AWESOME (been seriously considering Loot crate as well) and some of them seem to only have things seasonally that I love, so I don't want to have a subscription to something I'm not going to LOVE! 

I only have a few weeks left (not much time at all) to decide if I want in on the April Collector Corp. Oh the decisions, oh the pains of being a geeky single mom with two geeky girls in training. LOL. I will probably be unable to do this months but maybe in May or June I'll have the funding. It's just so hard to pass up: Exclusive Items, Special Offers and Founders Programs make me really really really want to participate. 

For now, I will look on in awe at all the wonderful and cute Funko products. 
If you have the same passion let me know, I'd love to hear about your collections. 

Until Next Time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.