Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Poses and Pantyhose.

The problem with being a Woman (in comics). 
Today was a slow thought process day, I wasn't sure what I should write about. Some days I'm beaming with things to talk to you about, other days it's like trying to find that needle in the hay stack. I see a whole bunch of things that are cool and interesting but none of them seem to be THE thing.

When I saw the above comic (found on Nerd Approved) I couldn't help but laugh. Partially for the fact that it's SO TRUE... all the bad guys would be laughing... the other part was that I started thinking about all the things that you see guys vs girls do in day to day comic life. Some of the things seem so ordinary now in comics, but if we swapped the characters to girls I just don't think they would work the same. 

Picture this Spider-man posed found on Tumblr. Seems pretty ordinary, but if you add boobs I don't think it would have the same appeal. There's something about adding watermelon comic boobs (yes they are watermelons) that tends to change the kind of poses a comic girl can have. If you had normal smaller boobs it might work, but most comics have big ones. In this pose they would be hanging over the poor girl's face. Damn Gravity! 

I truly enjoyed the Hawkeye Initiative, but I have to say as a female who often draws her own characters I tend to draw exaggerated (as all comics are) and I do the larger boobs a lot of the time. I try and steer clear of the watermelons, Mostly because I'm not a big boobed girl so I don't always feel that the boobs of characters need to be able to explode if popped with a pin. However I still do draw bigger boobs. 

As a Wolverine fan (and someone who has cross-played Wolvie) I often wonder how Wolverine would fair as a woman in the cross chest posse. 

from HERE
If you look at the above pic his hands would be sitting on his boobs if he was a girl. I guess that may be part of the reason that most women posses tend to be viewed sexually. A female Wolvie just wouldn't have the same feel to it, but I still think she'd be kick ass. I may have to cut my hair short again and do female Wolvie one more time. 

The other issue I have is what I call the Pantyhose Issue. A lot of women in comics have body suit/bathing suit costumes. In order for them to have such smooth legs most women would need to wear pantyhose. Yup we'd wear NYLONS. 

I have often wondered if they had special pantyhose that doesn't run or rip in order to wear these costumes. Wonder Woman and Storm are often seen in these kind of costumes. Heck when I wear Pantyhose or Nylons I always manage to rip or cause a run is some part of them while putting them on. I think as a superhero they would be a shredded mess. 

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