Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Being a 90's Teen! Rex Manning Day!

Happy Rex Manning day everyone... and to those who don't know what I'm talking about read on, I may explain or I may just talk about other things.

Today is officially Rex Manning Day (the above pic is found here). As a kid born in the 80's and a teen in the 90's there were two movies that I watched to nauseam. One is Empire Records, the other movie was Hackers. (I even tried to do my hair like Angelina's) I loved the angst, non-mainstream, craziness of all the characters in Empire Records. As a kid in high school trying to decide if I wanted a part time job, I totally wanted to work for Empire Records. What kind of job could you work at where the drama was out of this world, yet the manager barely blinked an eye. Instead he went into the office and PLAYED the drums. None! I have worked my fair share of retail jobs (even managed a few) and NONE of them had managers like Empire Records. They were real people, focused on their careers and jobs, who had worked with enough teens and early twenties to be slightly jaded.

Hackers was another slight disappointment in real life. When I grew up we never had a lot of money. I actually wrote most of my high school papers on a typewriter my aunt lent me;

(^^This is what a typewriter looks like if you don't know). When we were given an old computer (in '97 or '98) it was ORANGE and black screened and mostly was just a word processor. I was amazed the it did WORD counts and I didn't have to sit for hours counting the words on a page for my teacher's limits.

As I got older I had my brother and a few friends who were interested in Programming and Computer Science. I even got my hands wet and tried to learn HTML and Java while in university. I wasn't horrible at it but never really got far in it. All I have to say is why doesn't actually hacking a computer look like this:

It looks so pretty in the movies where as in real like it looks more like this.

Not as interesting... Okay maybe it's interesting but it definitely isn't as cool looking. Where's the little rabbits, where's the cookie monsters... where's the cool whooshing graphics when going from one directory to the next.

Well, maybe in time I should open  my own record/computer store where the boss plays drums (I guess I will have to start learning) and the computers displays cool interactive graphics that imitate hacking into a Gibson.

So in the immortal words of the Doors "the Time to hesitate is through"... "I'll hack the Gibson!"

Keep on Geekin' on.