Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Fabulous

Welcome to Friday Fabulous. Today I decided we should have a bunch of fun geeky gear that I wish I could buy ALL OF! Any cosplayer or geek out there would love to have a bunch of these (or maybe just me).

Above is something I just saw on Nerd Fu. I guess that Adidas is putting out on May 1st (yup Age of Ultron day) a collection of cool and pretty Avenger themed shoes. From the post about them on Nerd Fu, they are putting out a Quicksilver Hyperfast shoe as well. I really hope these aren't just in Men's shoes. I really like the look of the Blue one! Who wouldn't want fun Blue Captain America shoes?? Seriously!

Yes! This is a Sandworm dress. Found on an article on Fashionably Geek, this amazing Sandworm from Beetlejuice dress is just what I always wanted. I have a love affair with anything striped, mainly black and white! So this dress hits all the top things I look for in something fun. Smarmy Clothes (here's her Etsy) has a WHOLE BUNCH of cool geeky clothing. There are a few absolutely adorable Jack Skelington dresses, Sally dresses, and even a Tardis or two. She even does Custom pieces, which is awesome if you have the cash and a cool idea.

If you haven't heard Yaya Han is now selling on her shop some AWESOME wigs and wings and other cool costume accessories. If you check out her shop you'll see a bunch of awesome items displayed by other famous cosplayers like Jessica Nigri (who is one of my favourites). I've never been big on wigs, mostly because I find the ones you get in regular stores are so poorly made that I hate the feel of them on my head for the day. I have often just dyed my hair to match the character I'm playing. I am, however, seriously considering buying some of the wigs and ears, or wing, combinations. I don't think I could make as nice a product as she does for the prices, so I might as well support another artist. Which is something I love doing anyway.

Fashionably Geek also posted about these cute little waist cinchers the other day. They are something I totally didn't think about as an option for Cosplay. I'm in love with the Pikachu and the Pony ones but I think any of them could look great with the right outfit. I have never been able to wear corsets comfortably, partly due to my small size and partly cause it kills my ribs, but I think this option is an amazing way to dress up either regular clothing or as another option for a below bust corset. If you check out Corsair's Boutique's variety of different products on their Etsy Page, you'll have a brain wave like me of all the fun options you could do.

Image HERE
The other day Hot Topic announced that they will release a new line of Women's marvel apparel by Her Universe. I love Her Universe's stuff, they always have a great selection of nerdy/geeky apparel that is still nice for day wear. The new Avenger's line (as pictured above) is the newest line of awesome clothing. I am in LOVE with the Black Widow dress and the Iron Man outfit. I really really really want the Tony Stark bomber jacket! As pictured it's beautiful with a 50's themed outfit but I think it'd be just as sweet with a pair of fitted or flared jeans, boots and a t-shirt.

So have fun shopping for fun spring geeky stuff.
Until next time!
Keep on, Geekin' on.