Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Geeky BUNNIES

Hoppy Easter! I am away this weekend so I decided to pre-create a lovely collection of Geeky Bunnies for you! We couldn't have a collection without our favourite bunny Anya.

I always wondered if she found Easter the scariest day of the year. Imagine being afraid of bunnies and every year for one day there are bunny toys and costumed bunnies and chocolate bunnies and bunny bunnies EVERYWHERE!!! I laugh but I know if made the same reference by replacing the word bunnies with spiders I would have a lot of people freaking out at me.

Lately at the Con's there's been a theme of playboy style bunnies in geeky themes everywhere. I find some of them are fairly creative and I know a few out there would appreciate this type of bunny in their basket this weekend. So here's a pic of some awesome costumes for you.
Pic Found Here: If you know these geek-girls let me know :)
I've also been looking through Twitter and found on Geek Bomb this Adorable Pic:

Aren't these Storm Trooper Bunnies Adorable???? I didn't see any of these in my local Canadian Stores, so I guess they found them somewhere in the states. You could make such a cute Easter Basket with a fun Geeky theme.

Here's a Raving Rabbid Easter for you as well.
I have been a fan of the Raving Rabbid games. They are totally ridiculous but that just makes them awesome when you are playing a bunch of friends on a game night. We have had many such nights. 4 controllers, half a dozen friends, sometimes alcohol is involved. Who says these games are meant for kids... most of us are over 30.

Finally, I leave you with this amazing Nerdy Bunny. I hope you have a happy and hoppy Easter!
I'll talk to you all on Monday!
Keep on Geekin' on.