Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Deadpool Thursday!!

So it's offical, No April Fools joke. The Deadpool movie is going to be R rated.
(above pic from HERE)

My info is from The Nerdist and the awesome Mr. Ryan Reynold's Tweet below:

Is there any surprise that they decided that this was the best option of Deadpool??

I actually can't picture Deadpool as a PG13 or even a 14A because the jokes (especially if you are using the game as any reference) are WAY to adult for that. An R rating makes the most sense to me and obviously to those all around. I'm kinda hoping that there are few other marvel characters involved in the film. I have never been a big Deadpool fan just because he was never on my radar until recently. I will probably go see the movie, because I see all comic book movies, but I would love it if Wolverine or Spider-man (I know, wishful dreaming if you look at the ownership charts) were in the movie because their bantering is the best!

So to start your long weekend I decided to give you a compilation of Wolverine/Deapool... maybe a few other character interactions with Deadpool... moments. (some are from comics, some are fan art, they all are funny! )

from HERE

With our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man:

CHIBI cuteness: 

More Spider-friend:

One for the Geeks out there: 

And last but not least.... a reference to one of my FAVOURITE action heroes!

Have a wonderful Easter everyone.
I have a few (hopefully) posts that should post automatic tomorrow and Saturday.... My fingers and toes are crossed that they actually work.

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