Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth day: Movies of DOOOM!

Today is Earth day, and because it's Earth day I thought we should talk about Earth Movies... of DOOOMMMM!!!!
I don't know about anyone else but I think Earth day is a great way for people to actively get involved with OUTSIDE. I know for some kids outside is a foreign concept, but it's good that the schools and communities take this as an active opportunity to get kids involved. Anyway, in honour of Earth day I figured we should do a brief review of some of my favourite end of the world as we know it movies! (warning there may be some spoilers) (pic above from here)

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The Day the Earth Stood Still with Keanu Reeves is one of my favourite end of the world movies. Mainly because it's not about ending the planet, only ending the people destroying the planet. I find it a fascinating idea that people are the virus. We are the ones hurting and injuring the earth with our developments and technology. I also love the fact that they created a weapon that targets humanity and not the earth... leaving plants and wildlife alone to continue on without our interference. I will admit the movie is slightly cheesy and depressing but it's still a great End of the world spin.

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Avatar by James Cameron may not necessarily be about the destruction of our earth but the concept is the same. People come in and want to ruin/kill the very heart of the planet. It's about a militaristic/capitalistic taking what they want with no thought about consequences to their actions. The focus is on the dollar and not of the amazing qualities of the planet around them. I have to say I love this movie purely for how absolutely beautiful it is. There are so many scenes where I wish I could be in a place like that. Everything seems to glow with life and excitement. I also love that it's fairly hopeful. There are a lot of negatives surrounding the human's that come in, but it doesn't mean that there isn't hope for the world and the future of the planet. I'm actually very curious to see what Cameron is thinking of doing with the supposed sequel that has been discussed over the past year. I'm always weary of sequels, some are great but I hope it doesn't ruin the initial idea.

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 Another of the Aliens destroying the earth for one reason or another is War of the Worlds. Some of this movie failed to make sense to me and really Tom Cruises family had a lot of luck on their side, but all in all I enjoyed this high actions anti-alien movie. What I really enjoyed (and many would disagree... also FYI SPOILER) is the fact that the aliens all died due to GERMS! Yup, no weapon could kill them but the common cold. Illness has always been an equalizing factor on battlefields and in conquest stories, so why not an alien race that lands ALL over the planet. We, as individual people, often get sick by traveling to new areas of the planet, are we surprised that another being would get ill just by being inundated with so many strains of microbial yuck at once??

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Fifth Element is one of my favourite slightly cheesy world is going to end movies. I love the awkwardness of most of the cast, and I also have a soft spot for Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich. In this movie the world is going to end because of EVIL... pure and black EVIL.... well I think it's supposed to be Hate or something like that, but really it's just pure evil incarnate. Of course you get a bunch of awesome music, fun but kicking scenes and a lot of Bruce Willis being Bruce Willis. The ending (Spoiler) LOVE saves us all... where's my flower and hug?? lol

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My last Earth Day DOOOOOOOOooooooooooooommmmmmm Movie is Fern Gully. Yup, this was the first movie I watched about the destruction of the earth. Evil Oil is cutting down all the rain forest and the fairies need to stop it. Then what do the human's do?? They release the evil Hexxus who is OF COURSE voiced by the amazing Tim Curry! (I should do an amazing Tim Curry blog post lol). Hexxus loves the machines and the destruction of the forest, but as a proper kids movie, although slightly dark, the fairies win in the end. YAY Earth!

So go out and enjoy Earth Day!
Until next time.
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