Thursday, April 9, 2015

A vision of Vision.

Oh Vision is a vision. :)

So the countdown is on for the Avengers and as every new poster is put up I'm more and more excited. I was never a real Avengers fan while in high school but have since become more and more of a fan. I know the movies had a lot to do with it (and my daughter's love of the cartoon) because without the movies I don't think I would have really gotten involved in Avengers.

Maybe a large part of my interest in the Avengers is my love of the actors and how well the did with casting. As an avid X-Men fan I have read my fair share of comics and watched all the movies. I have always had issues with some of the people they chose to play characters. The big one was Halle Berry as Storm. I believe Iman, or someone with that kind of presence, would have been a much better Storm.

In the Avengers series the newest poster shows a beautiful image of Vision. I love Paul Bettany!!! There has been few things that I have seen him in where I didn't love him. Actually I can't think of anything where I didn't fall in love with Mr. Bettany.

So to see the New Vision poster in all it's glory I have included the Twitter Post:
So pretty... So purple. LOL

Here's a lovely picture of the rest of the cast.
From RDJ's FB page
I'm interested in seeing the dynamics of Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch. I guess it's a good thing that updated the costumes, even though I totally dressed as Scarlet Witch for Halloween when I was 10 or something... head piece and all. I have faith that they will do them justice, and with the deal with Sony for Spiderman I am getting more and more excited for the movies. As I said before, I wish Fox would get on board with making a deal to bring all of Marvel under one Verse again.

I can dream! Sigh.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.