Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Toy Tuesday

Today started out grumpy with Tim Horton's debit being down and my not having any cash. I know, such a trivial thing shouldn't bother me so much but it did. Well to make myself feel better I decided that we should have a Toy Tuesday.

As some of you know I'm a collector of Dolls and Toys and some other collectible things. I am not the kind of person to keep the items in a box, nor do I usually care if my kids touch them. I believe that some toys are meant to be played with and some toys are just fun on my shelves. Most of my Doll collection range in styles from Bleeding Edge Goth Dolls to Bratz, Monster High Dolls to Pullip.

If you haven't seen Pullip here's one:

Found HERE

I love Pullip's. They can be pricey but really they aren't any worst than other collectibles. My favourite part are that they are full ball joint dolls, so they are fully poseable. I love that they look like little anime characters. The one I have is in an older style outfit. I keep debating on making her new clothes but I can't get myself to change her from the pretty original outfit.

I have read a few reviews of some of the different Hot Toys collectibles that are out there at the moment. I know a few have been disappointed with the Age Of Ultron Artist Mix ones but as someone who loves Chibi and Anime styled toys I actually think they are rather cute.

Found HERE
What do you think?

Being I'm not a huge fan of the realistic toys a lot of mine tend to be slightly cute or cartoon-y. I'm in awe of toys that look realistic beyond belief. Like this one:
Found HERE
I think it's amazing what they can do know. I wouldn't turn down having one of these beauties on my shelf but I actually tend ones more like the first Captain.

We can't talk about cute geeky toys unless we bring up Funko. Funko is a new ever growing fad of ADORABLE geeky characters. My personal love for them is they remind me of Baby versions of my favourite characters. I have a Baby Venom ('cause he's the only character that I ever truly enjoyed in Spider Man when I was a kid lol), Baby Loki ('cause every girl needs a Loki LOL) and a Baby Baby Groot LOL.

Yesterday (March 30th) Funko announced their Star Wars Celebration toys. This is supposedly a first announcement of 3 for items that will be available at the Star Wars Celebration 2015 in Anaheim CA. Although there will be no way that I am going to the convention there I thought I'd share with you the cutest C3PO Ever:
I don't know about you but I think he's adorable all in Silver. He would look so cute with my other Funko's. I am not the biggest Star Wars Fan in the world (far from it) but I can appreciate all geekdom... and he's totally one for the shelf .

Today Funko announced Sesame Street Pop! Figures. I think my daughters would love them. I have a fondness for Super Grover:
Found with others HERE
I kinda hope they make an Abby Caddaby (who is a favourite in my household).

Well I hope you had fun with Toy Tuesday today. Maybe I'll do more of these.
Who doesn't want to look at all the toys!!

Until Next Time.
Keep on Geekin' on.