Monday, March 30, 2015

Home and a Funko

I know you missed me. I was off on Friday for dental stuff that didn't work out as plan. Instead of getting a wisdom tooth removed I just got fully frozen then had a bad reaction and almost passed out. What this means is that I've been laying on my couch all weekend in achy pain from the multiple needles in the side of my face. The nice thing about being down all weekend is I decided to MEDICATE and take my oldest monkey to see HOME. (there may be some SPOILERS below so just be aware)

Found HERE
My daughter really really wanted to see it but wasn't too sure about it at the beginning. We really enjoyed it but it wasn't what I thought it was about at first. I thought (from Previews) it was another alien on earth who does funny things and feel good kinda movie. I wasn't expecting them to ACTUALLY take over the Earth in the few 20 minutes of the movie. Yup I said it right. The premise of the movie is an alien race (called the Boov) "relocates" all humans to a "human habitat" and then proceeds to take over the planet. In doing so they accidentally miss a little girl, who later on befriends an alien while forcing him to help her find her mom. The alien is "Oh" a bumbling little guy who seems to do things "hilariously wrong" (as they say in the movie).

From the 4 year old. Her review of the movie was that it was cute. She liked Oh and she thought it was funny. She was sad that the girl's mom was missing. She also wasn't to sure about the "evil" aliens hunting the Boov. It is 4 appropriate, unlike the new Annie which she fell asleep during due to boredom. She got bored at parts but the dancing and the silliness of the Boov seemed to make up for it. It is one we will watch again, maybe not the 5 Baymax's that she gave Big Hero 6, but definitely 3 Baymax's and a Fist. LOL I will definitely be buying it in time.

On another note I was a good little PenPal and actually managed to send out a bunch of letters!! YAY!

On Friday I got something an AWESOME twitter friend sent me. Being I'm in Canada (if you haven't figured that out yet I'm sure you would in time) I can't get some of the Exclusive geeky things that I see online. So one of my cool twitter peeps actually went to a store and got me my new Venom addition to my Funko Shelf.

I call them my Baby Groot, Baby Venom and Baby Loki (who I got at Toronto Comic Con the weekend before). Aren't they adorable!! Behind them you can see some of my book collection and some stickers my awesome brother sent me from Korea a few years ago. I think the stickers are adorable but I can't get myself to actually use them LOL.

So lately I have been writing children's stories with my daughter. I'm new at this but I've been writing down the stories I tell her at bedtime. (at least the ones that I can remember or that are fun).

I'm wondering if I should share some?? I'm also wondering if I should see if someone wants to illustrate them for me? I have a degree in art and do some of my own drawing but I've never been strong at cartooning. I may try my hand at it for a while but I just can't seem to get what I see in my head on paper. If anyone wants to try or has an opinion or anything I would love to hear it. Please leave me a message in the comments!!

But for now....
Keep On Geekin' On.