Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The PLAGUE... and maybe an Avenger :)

So I had the plague yesterday. Missed work and life. Sleep was my best friend.
I'm feeling better, mostly alive. Only partially dead. So I decided I should share some cool things.

I apologize if my pen pal that I'm sending this too see's it. But here's my first Pocket Letter. I admit I'm not stuffing them with as much stuff as others might. Part of my fascination with them is that they look like mini scrapbooks. The stuff is just bonus for me, but I managed to figure out a way to get SOMETHING in every pocket :) YAY.

I have 5 plus more to make. I'll hopefully get a better picture of the next ones. But I think you get the idea of it from my crappy photo!.

This made me snarf: Deadpool and SpiderMan. I'm not going to post the pic here... just go see it. I started watching the show on Netflix just haven't gotten that far yet.

Found HERE
Oky, so for all the geeks out there I decided I had a Mom win the other day when my Daughter (4 years old) told my mom a story about how her and my brother (her Uncle Kristan) would fight "Ultron with the Red and Black Face". She insists on that part, saying "the Red and Black Faced Ultron not the other one" -I'm sure the other one she's talking about is the Silver Bodied one but I haven't found a picture of a Red and Black faced one. Now Uncle Kristan has muscles so he can fight Ultron and beat him up. Between her and Uncle Kristan they would defeat Ultron and then our Miniature Dachshund (Tank) would pee on Ultron's Foot.

My Batman Girl from November 2013
When I heard the story from her and from my mom all I could think of was I was a proud Geek Mom. :) I, of course, told her that she and her Uncle Kristan could definitely defeat Ultron. She responded saying she still needs a Pym Costume.
From Here
I guess I need to go Material Shopping.

On other Ultron News... have you watched the new trailer yet?? If not go Here! NOW. Go!

So excited. So impatient!!!

Until Next Time!
Keep on Geekin' On.