Monday, March 2, 2015

Jupiter Ascending to New Pen Pals.

So last night I went and saw Jupiter Ascending with a friend of mine. After reading some very mixed reviews (and I never read reviews fully because I don't like all the spoilers) I decided to go into the movie with a lowered expectation on what it will be.

Well I was pleasantly surprised. The stuff was SO COOL. Who doesn't want metal wings, and anti-gravity roller blades, and mechs?? Seriously! I loved the fins on the ships to the different looks of each faction. No it wasn't an Oscar worthy script, but what movie that is an action movie is?? I'm a fan of anything from Die Hard to Hairspray. The fights were good, the air battles were neat. The attitude of Mila Kunis was awesome. What else do you need??

I would kind of like them to make a sequel to see what happens with the other two siblings at the end (I'm being vague so that I don't spoil things for anyone). I would like to see how she deals with things after the initial encounter in this movie. But all in all it was pretty and fun and exactly what I like to see in theaters.

On a different note.

Yesterday I went shopping and bought ALL THE THINGS. All the things this weekend were scrapbook/ pocket pen pal/ iggle swap related. I think I spent WAY too much money but it was so fun and some of the stuff I got was really cool.

If you want to sign up for a Pocket Pen Pal (even one time swaps) then select the button below. The nice thing with the Pocket Letter Pals is that they don't care if you are geeky or normal. I like that I can do a little of everything this way. I think I have 5 people I'm swapping with at the moment. We'll see where that goes.

For the IGGPPC it's for girls and boys alike (even though it says Geek Girl, boys don't need to be shy). It's a great outlet for all things geek and non-geeky alike. I have met some pretty amazing people on here.

I'm very excited to start making Pocket Letters. I'm going to try and create a Geeky Group on the Pocket Letter Pals site so that anyone who wants to be in both sites can link up on either site.

So if you are on either feel free to find me and add me as a friend, find other friends. Just join and have a blast. No pressure no stress.

Other that these lovelies (which I will start posting finished pockets soon). I had a wonderful time at my daughter's Monster High/Avengers Birthday party. Although she decided on adding Avengers, I had already had a full Monster High theme prepared. Here's a copy of my final Cake:

And a pic of my daughter blowing out her candles.

I'm hoping to get a good picture of her in the dress I made but didn't manage it with all the excitement of her birthday and stuff.

So, until next time.
Keep on Geekin' On.