Thursday, March 5, 2015

Reasons it's fun to be a Geeky Mom to little Girls.

I have been trying lately to mostly keep this blog about my love of Geeky Things. Informative but still informal. I have avoided (other than yesterday) talking too much about my kids and my home life. After sitting last night for an hour laughing at my daughters I realized I should share why it TOTALLY ROCKS to be the mom of little girls. I know Geek culture often gears things at little boys, they seem to forget that little girls can be superheroes as strong as Thor or as fast as The Flash. As a Mom who loves and is learning to embrace her inner geek I've tried to keep gender biasing to a minimum, but sometimes you just have a pretty princess.

Reason 1: Evening Crafting of COOL things!

Some nights you just need to make some home made Steam Punk goggles like DracuBecca.

There have been a few nights that resulted in last minute, before bedtime, crafting of some sort of Goggles or Hats or Bracers or something that is "Necessary to Survive" (or at least that is how it feel). I don't mind doing this at all!

Reason 2: Awesome Hair

My kid loves all the hair chalks. She often wants her hair blue or pink or purple. I'm that weird mom that sends her kid to dance class in multi-coloured tights and bright hair. I think it's great that she wants to be more than the pastel pink girl that others try and turn their kids into. If she wants colours I will give her colours.

Reason 3: Random Costume Days

Some days are just Dinosaur days. Yes when the weather gets better if she wants to be a dino all day I will let her. We have gone out to dinner in everything from Batman or Spiderman Costumes, to Princess Dresses, to Dinosaurs. They are kids and costumes are one of the best part of being a kid.

Reason 4: EVERY hero becomes a girl simply by adding "Girl" to the title.

We have some girly superhero costumes (a la Batman Girl costume above) and not so girly costumes (I was trying to find a picture of my monkey in her spiderman outfit to avail). It doesn't matter what the costume is, or who the character is... as soon as she puts it on she is xxxx Girl. Spiderman Girl. Batman Girl. Wolverine Girl... Anything, it just has to have "Girl" afterwards. It's kinda awesome actually.

Reason 5: Late night Avengers Watching

Some of my less geek friends have their little ones crying, saying they can't go to bed till watch Hanna Montana like shows. Not my kid. My kid cries till she can watch an episode of the Avengers. Or Pouts because she wanted an episode with Ant Man, or Captain America, or Black Panther, and the one we watched didn't have the character she was in the mood for.

I'm a proud mom of 2 little geek girls in training. The oldest is well on her way and the youngest is just starting, but I can't help but be proud of the fact that they love Comics and Cartoons. My youngest will proudly state which characters are which on posters. Will complain to the comic store clerk that her favourite character isn't included in something, and will ask me to make her costumes of a variety of characters. I'm sure when she starts school she'll be dressed up a lot of the time.

I am exceptionally proud that she doesn't believe that the boys are stronger than the girls. She states straight out that she will punch the bad guy in the nose (which isn't always good when her cousin's are pretending to be the bad guys... but so be it lol ). She says she can be Ant Man, Iron Man or whoever she wants to be that day... and I agree with her.

So to all those Geeky Moms with Little Girls out there. Keep it up!!!!

Until Next Time
Keep On Geekin' On.