Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Superman, Harley Quinn, Lex... Oh My!

OMG have you seen this... it totally made me snarff this morning.
Found HERE
Hehehe... Here's a pic of the costumes they were referring too (I have discussed the awesomeness of Wonder Woman's costume in a previous post.

Found HERE as well
I'm actually liking Superman's costume too... How many people will dress like Superman at con's now?? EVERYONE??? lol. This Superman version makes being a superhero a lot more comfortable.

On more DC News.... which is actually rare for me being I am a self-proclaimed Marvel enthusiast. Here is a Pic that they just released of Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luther.

I'm still not sure exactly how I feel about the Batman/Superman (prequel to the Justice League movies) franchise. I do like the current Superman and I think Momoa as Aquaman could be really interesting. I guess I'll just have to wait and see how it goes when we start getting actual trailers.

If I'm sticking with my DC theme today I thought I'd share these awesome sneakers:
All I can think about after seeing these is "will Fan Expo let me wear Roller Skates in the Con??" Derby characters would be an AWESOME theme to do with some friends and would probably be really comfortable compared to other costumes I'm planning. As much as I want to buy the shoes the costume ideas are endless! Oooooo Now I want to go home and draw a series of Comic Girls in Derby style. How cute would Rogue or bad ass would Storm be in Derby costumes.... I would totally mix the DC and Marvel Girls!!! (If this inspiration sticks through the night I may post some progress drawings in the morning lol ).

Well, for now.
Keep on Geekin' on!