Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gender Inclusion in Kids and Geekdom

So I have recently discovered the truth that when it comes to inclusion and differences kids do not care. At least not unless a parent make a deal about it and trains the kid to care. I have an awesome example:

My daughter loves My Little Pony. Most of you know them as the ponies on TV:
As standard understanding all the ponies are girls. From Apple Jack to Rarity. It's a show about a bunch of girl ponies doing things together and helping each other. Well my daughter believes differently. As a four year old experiencing the world she has decided that Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash are boys. I don't know what made her decide this but she will argue till she is blue in the face that the two characters are definitely boys.

Now comes the cool part.

We have a new obsession with My Little Pony: Equestrian Girls. Here is a Pic of them:
Found HERE
As you can see the girls are all in skirts and makeup and fancy hair. What does my daughter say?? "Wow Rainbow Dash is cool, He has an awesome outfit." Yup you heard that right. She still believes that Apple and Rainbow are just boys who like to dress up in the same clothes as the girls.

I think this is totally amazing. I love the fact that she isn't even fazed by the idea at all. There is no "boy's clothes", "girl clothes" attitude. Mind you I do buy "boy clothes" for my girls because seriously what little geeky girl doesn't want to wear avengers and marvel stuff! lol :)

Even cooler she now wants a Rainbow dress... just as she has a Spider-man outfit... too her it doesn't matter the gender of the character. She could be Pym from Next Avengers or Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. She wants the costume of the character she likes the most despite the gender.

I think I've had a major Mom win with this little one.

Until Next Time.
Keep on Geekin' On.