Thursday, March 26, 2015

MARVEL-ous Pretties.

I have discovered some amazing boots from Hot Topic this week... Now I'm trying to decide if I want to buy them or not. Seriously, how cute would these look with a Comic book themed outfit??
Found HERE
Aren't they adorable. I think these would make a good start to a cosplay outfit, or just an outfit. I think Striped socks with a skirt or shorts and a comic shirt would be rocking!

A friend also shared with me this neat tutorial to make your own Comic book bracelets. Being I have an issue cutting up perfectly harmless comic books. (Yes I admit I'm a Weirdo at times) I would probably print off images from the Internets. You can do a General search for most comic's and find a few pages, this way I can print them at the size I would like instead of being limited to comic print. This is what I did for my shoes I made so that the image is smaller or bigger to fit into different spots on the shoes. (In case you forget they were featured on my very first post on this blog Awwww )

Aren't these cute?? I think I'm going to make some with small pop bottles for my kids :). If you have any other cool crafty things that you find share them in the comments and I'm going to try to post more of them over time on here... I'm actually thinking of making a Links page to different Geeky Crafts or Blogs and stuff.

Here's something else cute:
Found on Pinterest
Now who wouldn't want to be seen driving around in this. I don't think my Rogue could pull off a cute car wrap like this... but someday I'll have a cool truck or little go go car and maybe a bunch of money that I can throw onto one. For now I will drool in awe at the awesome geeky car decals and wraps and mods that people keep doing... like this one:

So Pretty: HERE
Maybe for now I should just get a window sticker or something LOL.

Well I'm hoping to have something posted tomorrow but I'm not sure if that will happen with me going in for Dental yuck.

Either way :)
Keep on Geekin' on!