Friday, March 6, 2015

Some crafty nights with Agent Carter.

So this weekend I've decided to be a stay at home and "Craft all the things".

Image is a version of  Hyperbole and Half
I've actually managed to get 2 pocket letters done so far. Being I assume that my pocket penpals aren't really reading my blog (I apoligize if you are!!) I figured I could post the fronts here. I'm not posting the back with the contents, JUST IN CASE they do read this then they can still be surprised.

It's been really fun pulling out my big box of craft stuff when the kids go to bed and puttering with stickers and paper and stuff. Hopefully I'll start preparing my awesome Geeky Ones that I'll be sending in the next two weeks as well. I also have an AWESOME swap that I'm a part of where we get to send a package with 30 days of little presents. 

So much crafting and Geeky Love... I can't contain it all. 

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Last week finished of Agent Carter. Now I haven't watched Marvel Agents of Shield (I know, Bad Marvel Geek, Bad!) but I really really liked the Agent Carter series. Today The Mary Sue released an article which pretty much says that they don't know if they'll make more but maybe. (Find it HERE

I really hope that they do figure out something. There is enough random villains and such in the Marvel universe, there's no reason that can't have her fighting SOMEONE. Seriously! 

Well, now I'm off to hopefully do some awesome Geeky Crafting this weekend. 
Comment and let me know what kind of crafts you are up to. 
I believe this is my 22nd post! Over 1 month of blogging. Let me know if there is something more you want to hear about. I'm always open for suggestions.

But until then!
Keep On Geekin' On!