Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Awesome.

I had a rather Geekily eventful weekend. On Saturday we joined thousands(?) at Toronto Comic Con in their expressions of Geekdom. I have a list of amazing artists that I will be sharing soon, but today I sucked cause I forgot all their cards with their info at home. So hopefully you'll get to see and I'll link all their sites over so that you can revel in their awesomeness as well.

I had decided that this Cosplay won TCC... There were some amazing and beautiful costumes (which I suck and totally failed to take pictures of) but Baymax was AWESOME. He was even letting kids give him hugs and everything. Two thumbs up to Baymax!

So we went to see Kingsmen... if you haven't seen the trailer here you go:

(I hope the trailer works. I'm just figuring out this linking from You Tube thing LOL)

Anywho.... when you watch the trailer you almost think it may be a little Teen Spy Like.... it is SO NOT! I mean. I really really liked it. Who knew that Colin Firth could actually be a fighter in a movie. SERIOUSLY. After movies like the King's Speech and Bridget Jones and Mama Mia and Nanny McPhee... you assume the actor will be more serious but fun. But he TRULY kicks but.

I warn you, because it took me off guard. It was quite visual, more so than I was expecting. Lots of dead bodies and blood and such. Here I am going in expecting some silly spy flick and leave going "OMG that was Awesome!". I'm not going to hype it too much for you though because I'm sure someone will go and say it was horrible. And if you are looking for a serious boring blah blah blah kind of movie then it was. Actually it had that amazing B movie quality where in one point you are thinking this might be an absolute wash but at the same time realize you would re-watch every Sunday for a month without blinking an eye.

On another note have you seen this amazing house?

GeekxGirls did an article ( HERE ) about house done up in the theme of avengers. My issue? I would totally own it but I love too many types of Geekdom to have my house limited to one genre. I have an eclectic mess for my Geeky abode of my dreams LOL.

I leave you with a Pon and Zi image:
Why? Because they are Adorables! I love Pon and Zi!! You should love them too :)

Until Next Time.
Keep on Geekin' on!!