Saturday, March 21, 2015

All the things... To the CON!

This is my first scheduled blog post... and my first attempt with .
I know this sounds funny but for the last few months I have been doing "ALL THE THINGS". I'm getting penpals, joining Con groups, making crafts... I've sewn my daughter a dress, started on cosplay costuming for myself. I've started this blog and revisited my profile on twitter, finding new people and new things. I've rekindled my love of dolls and crafts and toys and collectibles. I've started reading Manga and debated on getting into comic books again.

I have done all this stuff and more and I'm actually quite happy. Part of me keeps feeling like I'm looking for something. That I'm on the right path to get where I want to go or find what it is I'm looking for but I haven't really gotten there yet. I feel like I'm looking for the WOW, the excitement, the insane exuberance in finding that thing. I have found somethings that I will continue. Some people that I have now decided to keep as new friends. I'm feeling like I'm on a path that there is something just out of reach. Something that I'm starting to aim towards but haven't discovered yet.

This is a journey... and I'm quite thrilled to be on it at the moment and even more happy with all those who are joining me on it through this blog.

Okay Okay,... enough with the deep. I'm off to a Con today so I'm hoping that this posts properly and links up to ALL THE ACCOUNTS. (I guess today is a Hyperbole and a Half kinda day)

Actually what's kinda funny is this:
This a a pic from Hyperbole and a Half talking about power of being in a Dino Costume.

This is my 18 month old in her Dino outfit. She goes around Roaring LOL. Maybe I should be afraid! LOL

Well, hopefully I'll get some pics of other amazing costumes this weekend and maybe meet some new friends in the process.

Until Next Time!
Keep on Geekin' on.