Friday, March 20, 2015

Fun Fridays!

So today, for spring I decided to post some Cool Geeky finds... Ideas for penpal stuff. Tutorials. Toys. Things like that. Here we go...
Found Here
I have been looking for some fun stuff for Pen pals and found this Tutorial Site by Omiyaga Blogs.

What I really liked was a Washi Tape tutorial for Script Cards. I keep wondering what to do with some of the awesome Washi tape I've been buying (mostly 'cause they are adorable) and then I found this! It gives me all sorts of ideas to make stickers for Pen Pals and swaps out of Washi Tape.

So I was wondering around GeekxGirls and found through them this awesome site by Mari Kasurinen and look what I found:

Isn't it cute???? I'm not usually big on starwars but I SO WANT a storm trooper pony!

Also have you seen the preview for PIXELS???

My 80's kid gamer geek self is in love with this. I am a fan of most of the cast too... looks hilariously amazing!

Last but not least.... Baymax as other Disney Characters.

I found this on Fashionably Geek. I want to hug him and squeeze him and call him George.... He's SO CUTE. I think I need Baymax dolls in all the costumes for my shelves. (If I could keep my kids from stealing them, not that I'd blame them)

So I'm off to the awesome Toronto Comic Con tomorrow to see all the cool things. I love cons. This will be like a prequel to Fan Expo this summer.

Until Next Time.
Keep On Geekin' On