Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Yay Marvel... and yet More Lists :P

Image from movieplot.com
I was/am very excited to hear today about Marvel's deal with Sony for Spiderman crossover! For years I have been spewing my belief that it's only a matter of time that Sony, and Fox and the rest of those who have the various Marvel Product, realize the immensity of the Marvel universe and figure out a way to JOIN the MCU while still retaining the product. AND SONY DID!!!

If you don't believe me read about it here on NERD APPROVED.

Now I'm just waiting for the X-Men... not that I think Fox will ever stop messing up my favourite Marvel Series, but I can still hope.


Here is the updated Infographic of the Marvel Character movie Rights. If you had seen the original (also found HERE by Geek Twins) then you would have noticed originally there were a bunch of separated bubbles... but Marvel has acquired some characters back and is now working with the other companies creating a true Cinematic Universe (Other than Fox really... seriously casting 2 different Scarlet Witches and Quicksilvers in movies coming out within a year.... sigh).

Imagine if all the Marvel characters were back under Marvel control.... oh what a geeky world we would be!

Well, enough with my Marvel Universe Rant... to my list!

Day 10: Think I am good at!

1) Being a Mom!
2) Geeking out with the best of them.
3) Art... mostly drawing, but I'm working on Costume Creation.
4) Being overly blunt... yes I am that friend.
5) Not putting up with shit or rudeness.
6) Believing that I can make it through the worst situations (and I've lived through some crappy ones) if I keep going in a positive direction. "Things will work out"

I'm debating if I want to make these lists prettier... can anyone recommend a good program for that?? Something free preferably!

Keep on Geeking on!