Monday, February 9, 2015

Day 7 to 9 of Lists!

Well over the weekend I haven't had a chance to post much of anything... too busy with a makeup party with my 4 year old and family visiting.

Here's some pics of the kids after our makeup day... I could swear my little Rapunzel looks almost Amazon-like with her face makeup.

Well then, lets get to some lists :)

 Day 7: What would you tell your 20 something self??

1) Don't put yourself second in your relationship.
2) If you wait it will never happen... do it today, now! Right NOW!
3) Kids are awesome... don't worry about it!
4) There is no shame in you geekery... embrace it... screw the neigh-sayers.
5) YOU ROCK! Embrace it.
6) Yes you look go... wear it... be proud.
7) Look forward, even in the hardest times... You'll get there!

Day 8: About Me!

1) I am a mom of two wonderful little geek girls in training.
2) I love everything to do with pretty much everything geeky even if I don't know much about it.
3) I don't love my job... but I don't hate it. I love that it allows me to afford my geek stuff.
4) I will spend money for my kids over myself every time, with no shame.
5) Art has always been a part of my life, as well as Math... There is no shame in loving both.

Day 9: In my bag!

1) Wallet
2) Ridiculous amount of pay stubs because I forget to take them out.
3) Emergency diaper (for my 16 month old)
4) Usually a drink of some sort.
5) Papers, that I have no clue what they are. LOL

Yay Lists.... some of it I probably could write a novel on but I'm limiting myself!
Keep on Keeping On :)