Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's Wednesday (and not the Adams) ... and a list!

To start here's a little Wednesday for your Wednesday!
found here
I've always loved Wednesday Addams... can't go wrong with a self sure, slightly homicidal, little girl who knows that she wants and eschews pink! (My little girl is very into pink, but I think I may be on the right track for the rest).

I also wanted to share this:
found here
Hehehehehe.... Nerd Approved used the header "This Pretty Much Sums Up How Spider-Man Felt About His Return To Marvel". Hope it gave you a good giggle like it gave me!

So many Movies to be coming out... hopefully I'll get to see them all in theater!! If I do I'll definitely let you know how they were!

Here's my List for Day 11: Favourite Words!

1) BLUBBER (makes me giggle if you say it over and over again)
2) Awesome!
3) Amazing.
4) Yupperoo!
5) Sounds Good.
6) Anything random my kids say and anything I can add an exclamation mark too.

So until next time,
Keep on Geekin on.