Thursday, February 19, 2015

Movies and Cosplays and Lists Oh My!

So with all the hype of the horrors of 50 Shades of Grey I've been thinking a lot about movies. I am an avid superhero movie fan... Any super hero movie. I have watched and own my fair share (mainly marvel related) and even though I may complain profusely about a portrayal or destruction of a loved character (*cough* Halley Berry as Storm *cough*) I still will pay my money to watch it and then buy them so that I can watch them over and over again.

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With Marvel and Spider-man being friends again. I'm very looking forward to the further Marvel Cinematic Universe and where it will be going. What I don't like, in any franchise, is this need to glorify destructive relationships. What I've been loving about Marvel lately is that they don't NEED to have the female characters in a relationship, or have any romantic yearnings and ties with any of their male counterparts. I am not one of the saying that I need equal number of female to male superhero characters, but I am liking so far what they are doing. It will be interesting as the franchise grows what characters they will pull from the comic-verse and how they will be portrayed in the cinematic universe. So until that time that they come to theaters I guess I just have to sit and wait patiently, a trait I have never said I was strong at. 

I think part of my anticipation for further characters has to do with my wish to get involved further in Cosplay. I love Cosplay. My favourite holiday has always been Halloween because I can dress up, and Cosplay allows me to dress up more than once a year, for multiple days, in multiple costumes. I am currently working on some stuff for Fan Expo in Toronto this September. Slowly they will come together, and as normal I probably won't have as much as I'd like due to money and time constraints... but you have to start somewhere. 

Here's something funny I saw on Geek Girls: 
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This made me laugh... because it's true. I have never tried the torture of Coloured Contacts (I may in time) but most of the rest of it I have done for either Halloween or Con's. The Dying from Heat Stroke and Not Sitting Down have been regular occurrences. 

Well here's my list for Day 19: Encouragement for House GlaDos:

I hope any of those from House GlaDos or anyone in the age ranges of 23 to 29 take some or all the advise those at House Organa have been giving... I think the gist is BE YOURSELF and Don't let anyone make you feel that that is not good enough!.

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