Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Pottermore Experience... Day 18 of List

So today on Iggle chat through Twitter we were talking about which house would you be if you were at Hogwarts.

Found HERE
So I looked around and couldn't find a good quiz to take to see what I should be. After asking around to a few geeky Potter fan friends on Twitter I decided to go with the Pottermore test. Now be aware, the Pottermore site isn't like most Quizzes, it is actually a large program that allows for character play, leveling up and gaining house points. To start you have to get your familiar (I'm always disappointed that they only allow Cats, Owls and Toads) I chose the colourful frog/toad being I'm not a big Cat fan. Then you do a little quiz to get your wand (Mine is made of Laurel and a Unicorn Hair... not too bad I guess), once all that is done then off to the Sorting Hat.

After answering a bunch of questions I got GRYFFINDOR. Now I'm not sure how I feel about that. It's fairly suitable but I feel that I have an inner rebellious streak that I don't WANT to be in the same house as the main characters. Part of me wants to be different... against the grain. When reviewing the other three houses I realize that I definitely don't suit Ravenclaw. I'm not that into Wit and Wisdom I guess LOL. Then I looked at Hufflepuff... and although I value Loyalty and Hard Work, I guess I'm a little lax on the fair play and definitely low on the patience, so I guess that doesn't work either. Finally I'm at Slytherin... now I don't really like their methods but the reasoning house values aren't so bad... Ambition, Cunning and Resourcefulness, are not bad traits. It's how the books decided that Slytherin used these traits that I don't really like. (I got my info for the breakdown from HERE)

So I got Gryffindor... which I think is kinda funny being I went to University at the University of Guelph, who's Mascot is the Guelph Gryphons, and who's colours are Red, Black and Gold. Maybe U of G is just a Gryffindor sister school in disguise.

Found HERE
So now everyone should go to Pottermore and see what they are and if they are in the same house as me :). Go... Go Now! Comment below with what you got!

Now to finish my List:

Day 18: Daily Rituals.

1) Wake-up with kids and watch some cartoons.
2) Get ready and go to work.
3) Work (and play on the internets on my spare time)
4) Pepsi for Lunch
5) Posting my blog mid day (new Ritual but I'm trying to keep up with it)
6) Watching Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes with my 4 year old.
7) Relaxing, maybe drawing, when my kids are in bed.

I hope everyone is great.
Until Next time: Keep on Geekin' On.