Friday, February 20, 2015

Cosplay, and Aquaman, and a List.

Today I was reading this awesome Cosplay Article , I think everyone should read it and stop the hate. I doesn't matter what size, race, anything you are... cosplay who you like, how you like!

I got the above image from the article (here's the link a second time!). I think this needs to be made into shirts. I would totally buy one!!! This NEEDS to be a thing.

On another note, although I'm not a big DC fan I always see pretty much any comic related movie I can find (I'm sure I've missed some, but I've seen most). I have had my reservations of new Batman VS Superman movie coming out. Not that I think Ben Affleck can't play a good Batman, but I just can't picture it. I've never thought of him as Batman.... maybe another character, don't know what... but not Batman. I really don't mind the new Superman though, he's got the right look and feel to him; Maybe not a boyscoutish as the original but that's perfectly fine with me. Well today they released something interesting. I guess they are gearing Batman VS Superman as a lead up to the Justice League... well look at this!
Found HERE
Isn't he pretty. I love Jason Momoa and as Aquaman I think this just might work. Aquaman (for all his 80 version faults) could be a pretty cool character.

And now a list:

Day 20: Fears Conquered.

1) Spiders and Snakes: I used to not like anything crawly, but after owning a few snakes I'm not so bad anymore.
2) Having Kids.... cause kids are scary
3) Accepting my own likes as being good enough
4) Standing up for myself

Well I hope you all have a great weekend.
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