Thursday, February 12, 2015

Who I'm following... Day 12 of List.

It's Thursday... as much as I love Thursday's I'm looking forward to Friday tomorrow. I feel like Friday's are always sooo far away.

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So to get over my Weekday hump I thought I'd start a list of Geeky Sites that I visit everyday... mostly things I read so that I can break the monotony of work and day to day life. (Also my sources of all things Geeky :P ) 

1st off is the IGGPPC (International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club), they are a lovely bunch of women and men who enjoy the idea of writing "REAL" letters to each other. I know, in an age of digital everything it's kinds nice to have something you can hold in your hand. I have recently joined and through Twitter and the site have found some amazing geeky friends. 

My next daily stop is The Mary Sue. This is an amazing site that keeps me up to date on most things in the Geek community and beyond. They are good at warning you if something is going to have spoilers in the reviews, and great at have a female perspective to the community in general. I love everything there is about them. 

Now we get to Nerd Approved. If you want the scoop on any products, collectibles, or just neat stuff in general here's where you can check it out. They also will post interesting Videos and articles. You can often here about things first from either the Mary Sue or Nerd Approved. 

Fashionably Geek has a large array of Cosplayers, cool clothing and just some neat stuff that I wish I had the time to make or the money to buy. I'm in aww of all the Cosplayer's featured and hope that someday my Cosplay/Costuming skills may be up to their standards. 

Well those are my usual sites I visit. There are probably a few more and in time I'm sure I'll share them as well. For now I'm trying to figure out how to make my daughter an outfit that looks like Pym's costume from the Next Avengers. (If you haven't seen it, it's a cute movie about the kids of the Avengers) I know not every Avenger fan will agree with the breakdown of who the parents are and stuff but who cares. My four year old loves it and from that has decided to know watch and read the Avengers Comic and Cartoon. So I think it's win win. 
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Well now for my Day 12 list: Confidence
1) Art/ Photography.
2) Fashion
3) Accomplishing a Goal. 
4) My kids
5) Being part of a Geeky Community. 

I have had ups and down in Confidence over the years, but I feel like I'm back on track. 

Until Next Time!