Friday, February 6, 2015

A picture a week and 2 Days of Lists

So with joining IGGPPC I've been trying to get into the clubs lately. This allows me to A) start embracing my inner geek love and B) finds me a new outlet for getting my stuff out.

I've been trying to get costuming done for Fan Expo but with 2 kids under 4 it makes my time limited. This is a new way to start getting doing things without breaking into my family time!

So here's my Picture of the Week... this week's theme was Shadow:

Baby Groot Shadow. 
I couldn't pass up taking of pic of the adorable shadow that Baby Groot made!

Now to the Lists:

Day 5: Fears

1) Not doing things right.
2) Not being able to provide for my kids.
3) Loosing myself in order to "make a living"

Day 6: Antidotes

1) Spending time with friends.
2) Snuggling my kids
3) Watching my 4 year old daughter get excited about Avengers.
4) Reading a good book
5) Watching a good movie.

I'm hoping to scan a new pic I've done for costuming this weekend, so stay tuned.

Until Next Time.