Monday, February 23, 2015

Stationary and Lists

So, with the joys of getting some awesome geeky penpals and doing some fun Geeky swaps I've decided that I should try my hand at creating my own stationery. I haven't actually managed it yet but I am currently looking for any clipart or ideas to pull from to create these stationeries.

I thought the above one was cute. I found it online HERE and thought it was nice that it had lines as well as the little decals. I'm wondering if I want to print some at the standard sizes (which is smaller than the 8 1/2 x 11 paper size) or if I should just print them at letter size.

Once I get a few made (and maybe shipped) I'll post them on here for all to view.

But for now, it has been a busy weekend so today will be mostly lists:

Day 21: Guilty Pleasures

1) Chip and Dip... Philadelphia Onion Dip Only!
2) Candy! Fuzzy peached, cherry blasters, you name it.
3) Buying hardcover books... nothing is the same.
4) Dolls.... anything that's a little bit different.
5) Pop music even though I'm a little bit goth, little bit punk.

Day 22: Dream Space

1) A clean desk space
2) Organized crafts
3) A great drafting table that DOESN'T double as a desk.
4) Separate bedrooms for my girls

Day 23: Encouragement for House Quinn (age 18 to 22)

1) Fall in love
2) Don't fall so far you loose yourself
3) Have fun
4) Know that you look amazing! That you are AMAZING! No matter what.
5) Be confident, not bitchy.
6) Know your worth is greater than you think.
7) You have all the time in the world for kids and marriage, you don't need to rush.
8) Stop, Breath and Enjoy RIGHT NOW... no NOW.... and NOW.

Well Until next time!