Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Long Weekend/ Family Fun/ 2 Lists

This weekend was a long weekend... can't go wrong with a Family Fun day and Valentines on the same weekend. Not that I do anything for Valentine's Day for anyone other than my kids, but they enjoyed it.

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After an emergency run on Valentine's for a second stuff Dachshund (cause my kids were fighting over the one I got) and breakfast, I actually managed to buy some awesome material for my daughter's DracuBecca Dress. If you don't know who that is there here's the rundown. Draculaura and Rebecca Steam from Monster High get fussed... hence the movie name Freaky Fusion. The oldest is having a Draculaura B-Day so I decided to make her a dress for it. It's turning out pretty awesome, just some finishing touches. Once done I'll post a pic :).

We also did some fun family things at the Guelph Civic Museum. Which made for a great Family Day.

Now other than that it was a busy weekend of Friends and Family and Events. So I'm behind again on Lists. I'm glad I did my weekend ones on Friday, so here's Monday and Tuesday for you. Also I am hoping to finish writing and send my new Penpal's Letter. YAY Letters.

My Lists aren't as pretty today.

I AM: (Day 16)

1) Fun and interesting
2) Slightly obsessed with Marvel and Wil Wheaton
3) Extremely Proud of my kids.
4) Always trying to be positive, stay positive and only refer to things positively.
5) Failing some days on the positivity, 'cause life can suck and it's hard!
6) A believer in more things mystic and spiritual than my friend sometimes realize.
7) Hard headed, especially if I have made a decision.
8) Wishy washy if I'm trying to choose head over heart.
9) Learning to embrace the things I love no matter what others say.
10) Trying to expand my friend groups to include other positive people with similar interests.
11) Strong willed and determined.
12) Not easily swayed.
13) Happy!

Favourite Quotes: (Day 17)

1) I can resist everything except for temptation - Oscar Wilde
From Here
3) “Sometimes we know in our bones what we really need to do, but we're afraid to do it. Taking a chance and stepping beyond the safety of the world we've always known is the only way to grow, though and without risk there is no reward.” 
― Wil WheatonJust a Geek: Unflinchingly honest tales of the search for life, love, and fulfillment beyond the Starship Enterprise From Here

From Here
From Here

I think those 5 are some of the best. I have a whole book of quotes but sometimes you need to stick to a few simple ideas. 

So until Tomorrow :)

Keep on Geeking on.