Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Virtual Camping

This past weekend was the International Geek Girl Pen Pals "Camp" and I needed to do a whole post about how much I love this idea... and event... every year!! (okay this was supposed to go live Monday but I guess my computer really does hate me... so you get it today!)

Okay, so I'm honestly one of the worst people at participating in things. I admit I am terrible at ever going to the Forums and that is where a lot of stuff happens. So during Camp I actually make more of an effort and I think it's one of my favourite virtual experiences.

What's awesome about doing a virtual camp... well to start it off Inclusion!!

Just so you know there are boy and girls and various people of various orientations all involved in the IGGLES. This is not a girls club... it's an everyone club... and that totally rocks!!!

So what's great about Camp is that there are a bunch of ways to be involved whether you are like me and tend to do some of the picture stuff but mostly stick to the Twitter conversations and random Dungeon Crawls... or if you are more inclined to read forums there are cool things on there as well. The main thing is to do what feels right to you, do what you enjoy and meet other people who enjoy doing the same thing too.

Over the last year and a bit with being involved with the Iggles (and with writing to you guys) I have met a whole group of virtual friends, and it's awesome.

Don't get me wrong, I have awesome RL friends but sometimes you have interests and you aren't really sure who would get them... but there is always someone in the world who gets them. And that totally rocks!! So you don't have to be good at meeting people or really anything more than random chats and I love it!

From camp last year I met some awesome people and had amazing conversations about cool things (and total random and weird things too). I also managed to keep in contact with most of them throughout the year, so that makes it even better! There's nothing like networking a friend base!

What's even better about Virtual Camp is that you eat the junk, you do the games and cheesy camp songs... but you still have your regular life. People get that you can't just drop what you are doing. They get that you have to put your kids to bed or that you are in a different time zone and stopping in briefly to chat... and it's all good! We just want to hear from you!!

So if you ever get a chance to join a virtual camp... or a virtual organization that allows people to meet other like minded people without the whole "dating" crap... then do it! If you ever want more info about the Iggles check out their site (you'll even find the odd post on their blog by me), we are always looking for new friends. (Also follow any of us on Twitter!! If you mention you are an Iggle I usually follow you!)

Until next time,
Keep on, Geekin' on