Thursday, August 25, 2016

POP! Thursday!!

Another edition of POP! Funko Thursday because we all need to feed our Funko Addictions!

Of course there has been a LOT of Funko news releases over the past few weeks, since our last post, but I have put together a collection of some of my favourite Coming Soon Funko figurines.

For you Once Upon A Time lovers, and I am totally one of those, there are a few new POP! Figures that you will just need to add to your to buy list! I have to say I love this version of Zelena!! They also have an awesome Regina and Hook (for all you Hook lovers out there!). I think I will be needing to start a whole new shelf just for my OUAT Funko.

We all know that you like to yell "FREEDOM" to your friends randomly, so why not throw a little WIlliam Wallace at them while you do it?? This Funko has William Wallace in full war paint regalia... and I think he's adorable!!

Cthulhu: Master of R'lyeh can come rule your puny human home with glowing effects! I think he's the cutest evil god-like creature you can find around. There is a whol collection of Horror Dorbz coming out that include Chucky and some adorably evil Gremlins. These will all be released in time for Halloween.

Now in true Horror fashion you can collect your own series of Sparkly Vampires (sigh) for all your Sparkly Vampire needs! This is one of those collections that I understand there is a lot of Fandom over but I almost want to get one and paint it with Glitter... then stage it with Buffy behind him or something equally silly.

So now you have a few more options while trying to choose for the ever growing list of awesome POP! Figures!!

Which ones do you like from these new collections?

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.