Thursday, July 14, 2016


Okay, I am failing on this summer motivation... so here's a bit about the things I'm going to start implementing and where I'm finding my motivation! (image: addicted2success)

We all have it... those moments where we are totally gungho and ready to defeat the whole world with a single blow. When we get into those stages we are willing to jump through any hoop and scoff at it... but then the opposite happens. We hit a lull, where we have all the same wishes and desires but it seems really really hard to get any of it done.

This lull usually hits me twice a year... once near christmas when family and holidays take over, and once near summer (right now), when kids are home and you are so busy entertaining them and trying to keep everyone sane that you can't help feeling like you've gone insane in the process. So I figured I needed Motivation... something to boost me into getting things done. For that I've started reading Chris Hadfields "An astronauts guide to life on earth", and I have to say WOW! I'm not that far into it but I'm further than I've been for any book in about 2 years... so YAY!


With this book he talks about the idea of thinking like an astronaut... and that how he got to where he is was by the simple idea of "what would an astronaut do". Okay, so my dreams are not of being an astronaut (I did have a stunt of wanting to be an engineer but that went away) but the idea still holds true. What would I do and what do I need to do to get where I think I want to be. Yes, I may not end up where I think I want to be right at this moment but that doesn't matter! What matters is making sure you are happy with all the steps on the journey so even if you "Don't go into space" you still are happy and satisfied with where you end up.

This has helped me a lot. So, I'll still be writing for you (don't worry that has not changed), but I will be trying to get a few guest bloggers over the summer to help with the stress of day to day life and holidays. Other than that I am going to start setting my alarm... instead of sleeping in (or trying to) each morning I think I need to start the September schedule to some extent now! So get up in the morning and get some writing done. Get my kids up and find something to keep them happy each day. Schedule time for my drawing (I have gone lax again) and costume building (I have some awesome new material that I need to get started on building the costumes) so that I'm prepared for whenever there might be another drag performance that someone wants me in.

I also need to get the bags and drawings done to add to my Etsy (which I've totally neglected the past few weeks) and get that really going.

Aside from that the rest is household stuff like learning how to budget better and get my family involved in the budgeting for the house.

So what has been your motivation? Where do you get your Umpf to keep following your dreams?

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Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.