Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hunkering Down

Well I did the thing all people hate... my taxes. What have I decided?? I hate money... no actually I love money, I just need to figure out a way to make more of it (being currently I make none)! So today's post is my whiny brainstorm! (image: Broken coconut)

Why I say whiny?? Well, I did the horrible thing of going to the bank to see if I could get a Student Line of Credit... and that's SO not happening. Being we have tried (for the sake of our budget and kids) to have a one income family... we don't fit nicely into their percentage ratio. What I learned! If I was working full time and paying for before and after school care for my kids and gas to get to and from work... I would seriously be taking home almost nothing. But the bank doesn't care that you would be spending it all out... all they see is the credit cards and car loans... so I would have gotten the loan if my husband and I were both working.

What does this mean to me... well, I totally feel like shit because now we need to figure out another way to pay for daycare and school as of September (and I am really really really trying to avoid OSAP at all costs).

The game plan!

Well, it's not much of a game plan. Instead it's a freak out and pull my hair out of my head while screaming at the top of my lungs plan. First thing... cut off Cable and the home phone. It doesn't seem like much but I can better spend that hundred dollars elsewhere.

Second thing... see if I can lower my cellphone plan (I don't think I can but I'm going to try).

Third thing... and this one I don't know how I'm going to do it... is make money! I really feel like the Underwear Gnomes in this one... Step one: Steal Underwear... Step Two: *%&^&$*... Step 3: Profit.

Where does one start when they are trying to make money but they are a full time stay at home mom?? I really don't want to work out of the house on a regular basis. The whole point of me leaving my job was so that I could be home for the kids and so my husband (when he needs to) can work away from home for extended hours. My husband is thinking of getting a second part time job for a little bit but I'm seriously concerned that he's going to totally get burnt out.

This brings me back to the idea of making and selling stuff.... I could sell art cards? I could scan the cards I've been making and sell prints!?! I could make bags for kids to put their dolls in and still be a useful backpack (I have plans I've been working on for that)? I could take photos and see if I can get a photo business going again? I would love to sew but I don't think I'm at the caliber for that yet (which is why I'm going to school in september).

So I'll start with the art cards... and drawing I do... and make prints... I think?

Gah it's so hard to figure out if you have a viable thing to be sold. So I'll ask you and hopefully someone will feel my pain and answer... what do you think? Would you buy prints of the cards I've been making?? Would you like that?? Is there something else I'm not thinking of????

Why does money have to be such a big deal!!!

For now I'll go bash my head against the wall and try and figure this stuff out. Tomorrow I'm hoping to have my April unboxing up so I hope you didn't mind my off topic money rant (and I'd love to hear from you)!.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.