Thursday, March 3, 2016

Gentle Giant's Statues

Okay so I have to admit I must have been living under a rock if, with all my love of collectibles, I haven't found Gentle Giant's stuff yet. Well, the rock has been removed and there are some seriously cool stuff you can get. (image: Gentle Giant Ltd)

Thanks to Nerd Approved I found the awesome new release of a bunch of collectibles by Gentle Giant. So they have created some beautifully adorable (yes I know, those two words aren't usually put in a sentence together but there they are) marvel creations based on Skottie's Young Marvel mini-heros. I really think I need to own them...

Source: Gentle Giant
The site shows that you can pre-order the Thanos and Iron Man but they don't seem to have the Captain America available yet. That's okay, I think I need Thanos and Iron Man the most! (I do love that Cap has a little a instead of a capital a on his head though!)

After looking through their site I have to say I wish I had a lot of money because as beautiful as the statues are I just can't afford most of them. Heck, my favourite at the moment is the Iron Patriot which runs for a mear price of $399.00... LOL.
You have to say it is pretty impressive though!

So would you spend $400 for a collectible??

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.