Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Geeky Movies for Rainy Days and Cosplays

Some of these movies have been around for quite a while but I'm totally into watching movies over and over and over again. Mind you I have never been as good as some of my friends at quoting movies but that's a special skill.

Recently I re-watched Scott Pilgrim VS The World and Oh my geek do I ever love this movie. I love the references to everything geeky involved in this movie. The fact that they don't flinch when people explode into a whole bunch of coins, the getting a life and a heart. Honestly the whole thing it amazing... and this is one of my top movies on the Cosplay List. I LOVE Ramona Flowers... (I think I really need to get the comics at some point)... most of their outfits are pretty straight forward and would be great comfortable cosplays! The one I really want to do is Ramona with the Giant Hammer!! Really any costume with a Giant Hammer totally pulls my heartstrings.
Scott Pilgrim Wikia
One that could never be skipped is Hackers! I love love love Hackers (even though I now giggle through all the computer talk). I still want to be Kate Libby even though I am not a hacker. The group of people are some of the best I've found in Teen related geeky movies and I just can't help but love them all... and want them all to be my personal shopper because the clothing seriously rocks!

 Zombieland is another great geek movie for a completely different reason. Zombies really became the fascination of the time and still is going strong. Instead of the typical Zombie fighting team where everyone is a hard arse and they don't trust each other. This movie is funny and lighthearted while the most unlikely people seem to survive (mainly because they are all loners). This would be a fun simple cosplay with a group, it's great because most people would recognize you all together but at the same time you are still comfortable for the day. (awesome for a Thursday or Sunday)

So what fun geeky movies that would be easy coplays can you think of?? I'm sure there are more but my goal for this is that the costumes have to be comfortable and wearable so that you can dress up without all the fuss for a Thursday kick off or a Sunday closing.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on