Thursday, January 21, 2016

Amazing Creators: Etsy Art

So I did it again... I spent about 3 hours getting sucked into the abyss that is Etsy. I have to admit I try and avoid the site at times because just like Pinterest I can sit there scrolling through things forever. This time I went back through out the day a bunch of times looking for beautiful and fun stuff that I felt you all needed to see. Why?? Because if I'm going to be sucked in I figure I should bring some friends along for the ride. (Image: Me/Sylvanfire. Source for Etsy Logo: Etsy)

I warn you ahead of time... some of these pieces can be pricey. But all I have to say is that someone took the time to create them in the first place... so pay the people! Artists deserve to be paid for their time just like any other creator.
Dashing Prints Etsy
This amazing At-At is a beautiful Instant Download print you can get for your own home. After stating the costliness of some of the works, this one is only $7.49... not too shabby if I say so myself. Mind you, you will need to get it printed and framed and that can be costly at times. Either way it's a beautiful piece of art that would suite any den.

Dashing Prints Etsy
This print is also by Dashing Prints on Etsy. They have a whole collection of awesome Star Wars related prints. Instead of on a wall I almost want to buy it and make a fun Valentine's Day Card from it. It's so much fun!!!

ThunderDoam Etsy
This amazing minimalist art work is by ThunderDoam. They have a whole collection of Geeky Minimalist art... I love them all! I've actually been looking for some awesome Minimalist (or as I say to my friends "Adult Geek") art for our main living room. This would be an awesome addition. There's something fun about art that says I'm geeky without totally screaming it from the rafters.
solocosmo Etsy
This print is adorable. I have a fascination with anything cute but slightly dark (or off, depending on the person that I talk to). This print is called "Jagged" and is by solocosmo. I really like pretty much all of her work (this was just the first one that I picked), they are mostly of the big head look and they are so much fun. You should totally check out all her shop.
Joojootreasure Etsy
This little shadow box doll is the most expensive item on my list. She is an OOAK doll (which means one of a kind) and the whole thing is only 2 5/8th of an inch tall. Being she is all handmade and no two are alike (this is usually a guarantee with OOAK) she is $202.25 Canadian. So if you have a small little space that just needs something, I would totally check out all her precious little loves.

If you are an Etsy creator... or a creator of any sort. I would love to hear from you! I am more than willing to add you to my next list.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on