Monday, January 4, 2016


Welcome everyone to 2016! This is a year of adventure, excitement... and uber geekiness. I have to say I'm very excited to be back in the swing of things! I've missed you all but sometimes family and home priorities take precedent. I hope whatever holiday you celebrate was amazing and that your New Year was not a disappointment. (Image by me: Sylvanfire)

I have to admit I've been thinking for 3 days seriously about what I love about this blog and where I would love to take it! I have decided to re-double my efforts with you and hope that you enjoy it as well. Aside from here I have been writing for 2 other sites and with the new year have decided to limit it down to one other. This will affect you in the way that you will have MORE POSTS from me (at least until September when I'm hoping to start school). Are you excited?? I am. I felt that there was no point writing for other sites (other than the IGGLES 'cause they rock) that don't pay me. I've been sent other messages for writing on blogs but everyone says that if I write for them it will gain me exposure. Well, my opinion is that if I want exposure, then writing for myself has been working well for me and also ... Seriously?? Do people realize how much effort it takes to write a regular column or post? Now don't get me wrong, if any of you amazing people out there would like me to guest blog (and yes I can do that for free) then let me know. But I don't want to commit to a long term site that isn't the one's I'm writing for unless there is some sort of benefit.

So on that note I am hoping to go back to a minimum of 4 posts a week. (I really want to post everyday again). What I've come to realize is that I love posting on here and I really hope you guys love it as much as I do!

For me 2015 was a year of discovering myself again. Putting any interest I have forward and trying to focus on what I actually like to do. This came with some challenges (including my 2 kids, husband, and now 2 dogs) but it was a great learning experience. By the end of the year I had started waining on my likes and really just getting lazy. Instead of reading, posting or doing art, or something that I was really looking forward to doing, I started just getting comfortable on my couch with my husband and dog after my kids went to bed. I left my work to stay home with my daughter so I am on the couch a lot it feels like.

From all that I have realized that I like routine and schedules. I like knowing what my day entails and if I have a game plan I feel happier that if I fly by the seat of my pants. I need to have a schedule (to some extent) so that I feel like I have something I have to do, instead of diddle dallying and not really doing anything. Now, I'm never good at setting things in stone, but I do need some plan.

This gets back to my posts a week for you lovely people... by increasing it back to 4 (or maybe 5) posts I will be able to talk about stuff more often (and we all know how I love to talk), and also give you all quicker feed back for the odd time I get a comment! (I love all you commenters, you are all awesomely amazing). What I'm playing with the idea of at the moment, is should I keep this as slightly free formed as it has been or specify my days. At the moment I think free form works for me the best. It allows me to write about what is exciting me at the moment instead of me feeling forced to write about a specific topic each week.

What 2016 has in store for me... I hope to use this year to explore my passions, loves, and interests in a way that allows them to grow and me to grow. I hope to be accepted and go to Fanshawe for fashion design and be able to use the knowledge of that course within my Geeky loves. I hope in time (and this is an ongoing goal) to be able to have my passions, loves and interests be able to support themselves and allow me to focus on them as a full time career. I know that these are all achievable goals, I just need to keep my motivation on a high and even when I'm down... there's no where to go but up.

I believe that we all have a choice in life! I push through, keep going, and succeed. Or to Stop! I choose to never stop. To allow my motivation, excitement and interests fuel even the hardest times and I know that they will allow me to be successful. I don't know how all my passions may tie into one another to make a profitable career choice, but I don't care. When the time is right, if I keep pursuing it, I will be able to achieve all that I dream. Even if it's not the way I may have originally thought.

So may we all have an AMAZING 2016 to come... and may it be filled with adventure, laughter, excitement and new experiences, and may these experiences allow you to find your bliss.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on