Friday, December 18, 2015

A post of fun stuff!

So I'm too hyped to see Star Wars tonight to think of anything cool to post. I had plans to put up some crafting thing, or even a Funko Friday. Well being I can't decide I figured I'd just through them all up. Mostly because I felt you would be VERY inundated with Star Wars stuff today that you didn't need more and also 'cause fun stuff before the weekend makes me happy. (image by me)

With working on my holiday crafting I've been making a variety of Christmas Ornaments. Ones that are made of Salt Dough (as previously mentioned) and now some simple Felt sewing ornaments. These are really really easy and lots of fun. What's awesome is that if you put a face on it, you can make anything from any shape and call it a Christmas Monster :).

Above you will see the start of my Christmas Penguins. These are really easy. Two blue (or any colour) circle shapes... and wiggly white (or contrast)... then some embroidery thread (I kept the large to get thick stitches). I then stitched it all together using this stitching tutorial around the edges.

I have managed to make a bunch of penguins and a couple of yetis (just big white blobs that have faces). These were all fairly fast. I stuffed them with polyfiber fill (very cheep to get) and used a Doll Needle because they are long and hardy to stitch it all together.  (If you are lazy like me, you can use a glue gun for adding pieces... I did this for some of them).

On a completely different note... I needed to share 2 lines of Funko that were announced and set to release in the new year!!!

Source: Funko
OMG I'm so stocked about having a Captain Jack Sparrow funko... oky I know there are others in the series but seriously Captain Jack Sparrow. I love love love the Pirates of the Caribbean series and this is amazing. Don't get me wrong, the Barbosa and Elizabeth Swan ones are pretty awesome as well. Damn, now I want to do a Pirates Marathon.

The other series I'm very excited about is the New Alice in Wonderland Pop!
Source: Funko
There's nothing better than a Cheshire Cat (even if I'm allergic)... and you can even get a Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts and of course Alice herself. I think I need them all!! I love Alice almost as much as I love Pirates. It may be a Johnny Depp thing but either way they are two of my top movies and to have the Funko's in my collection would make me so happy!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with all the holiday prep. I know my household is jumping crazy with Christmas only one week away!

Here's something funny... my dog!
Until next time!
Keep on, Geekin' on.