Monday, October 5, 2015

Funko Friday: The Monday Edition

It's Monday again and I totally just realized I flaked on Friday to post anything. So for that I thought I'd do a special Funko Friday on Monday this week. So here's some of the awesome stuff that will be coming out by Funko. (Source: Funko)

So I'm a little behind on my Funko releases... life has been happening pretty fast lately. That being said I found some awesome stuff that just needed to be shared. Just so you are aware there are a ton of cool things coming out as New York Comic Con Exclusives. I won't be sharing these today because I can't go so I don't want to have too many of us (myself included) pouting that we can't get all the cool swag.

There is, however, some cool stuff that will be out just in time for your christmas shopping. Above is just one of the awesome Katniss' set to release sometime in October. That means you'll be able to get your own lovely Katniss for your mantel, the only question is which will you chose. I personally love the Mockingjay outfit but the Wedding dress is pretty amazing as well.

Source: Funko
Included in this set you can also have your own little Effie. I have to admit she's one of my favourite character's in the movies. I haven't had a chance to read through the books yet, so I hope she's as amazing in the books as well.

Source: Funko
A new item from Funko/Pop! are these adorable Pop! Pins. They come in a variety of DC (including Harley pictured above, and Batman) also in a bunch of Marvel pins.
Source: Funko
Seriously! Who doesn't want Loki above their heart?? I know I do!

Source: Funko
You can also get, as of November, your own mini Sam, Dean or Castiel to carry with you always. I love this little Dean, he's adorable and you should never leave your home without one. Well, that is especially if you have your keys attached to him.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this special Funko Friday: Monday edition. As usual they are as bad as Pokemon, you have to collect them all! I think I need to invest shared in Funko, if I were to buy all the ones I love I'd be broke in no time.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.