Thursday, September 17, 2015

You Tube videos that make you Smile!

Today is Thursday and sometimes I believe Thursday is so much worst than Monday. Monday you start the day with either a bang or a crawl and then manage to continue on through your day and week at a decent pace. Thursday is the last lap till the weekend, you can see the finish line ahead of you but you still have SO FAR to go that you really don't know if it's worth running or just taking an extra long nap. So today I thought I'd give you a pick me up with a bunch of fun youtube videos that I either have loved for a LONG time or have recently discovered. (image: Wallpaper 222)

Let's start with one of my FAVOURITE internet personalities. Ze Frank. There's something amazing about most (or all) of his stuff but for years and years I've been recommending people to listen to Chill Out. It totally makes me happy cry every time! So here's the mushy for the day.

Now that you've had your little cry here's a giggle. I love Adult Wednesday Addam's stuff online. If you haven't realized I love thinking about how characters from T.V. and movies would react in certain everyday events. Melissa Hunter manages to capture these moments in the most awesome ways.

The newest thing I've found (thanks to some friends) on You Tube is a group called OK Go. They make the most amazing videos and I'm sure they put SO MANY hours into making these go good every time. I'm very excited for these videos.

One of my favourite creators on You Tube is Mike Tompkins. There's something awesome about all his music videos. Aside from being so talented he seems like he's having SO MUCH fun, and you can't help but love someone who has fun with what he's doing. I'm putting up the one he did with the cast of Pitch Perfect but if you have some time you should watch all his stuff!

So I hope you enjoyed your Thursday Break!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on