Friday, August 28, 2015

Top 5: RL Geeky Inspiration

So I open up the top 5 lists each week and some times I look at them and go "heck no" or "that's not relevant to me" but other times I'm like... OMG. That's an Awesome topic. I have sooo much to talk about with that. Well, this week was one of those. There are SO MANY amazingly awesome Geeky people (celebs and such) that totally inspire me. To the point that I'm worried (yet half expecting) to have to go over my top 5 limit. (Image: Tony Castro)

I am really thinking hard of the geeky people that inspire me and I have to include on the top of the list someone that I find amazing.

1) Thomas Gofton
Source: Lynnvander

I know that none of you may know who he is. He's actually a friend of mine and I wouldn't usually put something so personal on the interverse for people to read. But when I'm really thinking about who it is that inspires me to embrace my love of geekdom and to forge my own path into this world while trying to create a something that I love, he's one of the first people I think of.

Tommy created an awesome company called Lynnvander. This organization has been producing smaller budget geeky movies and web series, has made a major foray into the board game industry and has recently acquired space to create an amazing Geeky Pub called "the Round Table" is our community of Guelph Ontario. His newest and most awesome announcement is that he's teamed with Jasco Games (they own Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter). If you want to read more about his accomplishments you can read them HERE. What inspires me is that he's someone I know personally. He's not a distant being from another planet (called Hollywood and media) that has made it big in the Geeky community but you know you can't even start to emulate. He's a regular person with a family, and house, and a giant network of supporters. He works hard! Really hard to get what he wants. But it pays off and he's proving that time and again.

Oky, enough of my going on about awesome people I know.

2) Kevin Smith
Source: Quotes

Kevin Smith has been a big inspirer (I don't know if that's a word) for me for a long long time. From his Mall Rats and Dogma days to his talks at Universities to the Fat Man on Batman web posts, I have always loved the way he works. There's something inspiring about someone who had to max out all his credit cards and put everything on a gamble to make it. I love that he doesn't really care what media thinks of him. That he's content to do what he loves and is successful enough to be comfortable with his life. I love that he's a family man and still a major geek. There's something reassuring when the people you geek out about talks about geeking out about another "Celebrity" that you would TOTALLY geek out about as well. (That was a lot of geeking out in one sentence LOL).

3) Felicia Day
Source: Buzz Quotes

I love love love love love.... I can't say how much I love Felicia Day. She's just awesomely awkward and geeky that you can't help but think she's adorable. She has become a successful female geek from her own Web Shows and development company. With her she totally shows you that you can always be a hard hitting (if slightly goofy) female entrepreneur and still have fun doing it.

4) Wil Wheaton
Source: AZ Quotes

I don't know about you but I'd be surprised if Wil Wheaton weren't somewhere on most people's list. Well, maybe not most but definitely a Geek-piration. (hehehe... oh how I love making up words) Wil Wheaton is totally someone that I've had an internet crush on for years. I say that because I have never met the man (other than to stand next to him for a Photo when I was very pregnant... and no you can't see it :P ) but he seems like such a down to earth individual. He has anxieties, depressions and just general crap happen in his life like anyone does. He's been near the top and been dropped to the bottom only to climb his way back up. I find he's so inspiring about how straight forward and honest he seem. I slinging shit, just work hard and you can do it.

5) Yaya Han
Source: The Insightful Panda

Yaya Han is amazing. The fact that she can make a living by Cosplay totally impresses me. What more, she has been able to start her own line of Wigs and Cosplay Accessories and is working with McCall (seriously awesome) to make a line of Cosplay specific patterns. Her sewing skills are just impressive and I think she's just so amazing.

I was good and kept the list to 5 even though there are a few other RL Geeks that I could totally add.

I have to say that most, if not all, of my Real Life Geek-pirations are people who have managed to make a livelihood out of being themselves, embracing what they love and chasing after their dreams. At 33 I have gone through a fair amount of crap in my life that has resulted on pushing my dreams and goals aside for others. This isn't a bad thing but this year I have taken a new leaf. I have decided to push on pursuing my dreams of everything Geeky. Of continuing to write about all my loves and interests. To explore my art and my abilities, and to enhance those (like sewing) that I have a passion for. I want to be one day someone else's Real Life Inspiration some day. I want to be that person that someone says "I remember just reading her blog and look at her now! Maybe I can find something I love and make it a life choice/career too!".

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on!